CPA Today

The goal of the Connecticut Polygraph Association is to advance the use of the polygraph as a profession and as a means to promoting social welfare by the encouragement of the use of polygraph in its broadest and most liberal manner by:

  1. Promotion of research into instrumentation and techniques by the improvement of the qualifications of polygraph examiners through high standards of professional ethics, conduct, education and achievement.
  2. To unify polygraph examiners throughout the world and rekindle their interest in the use of polygraph and in the Connecticut Polygraph Association.
  3. By the increase and diffusion of polygraph technology through meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions and publications; thereby to advance the scientific, professional, and public acceptance of the contributions of polygraph techniques to the promotion of the public welfare and to keep the Connecticut Polygraph Association informed of member sentiment and urge the membership’s active participation in civic and community affairs where polygraph is concerned.
  4. To publicize the name and prestige of the Connecticut Polygraph Association.

There are no seminars or events scheduled at this time.